Project EXUP



Purchased a second 1990 Exup off ebay in early 2006. Only 25000 miles on the clock but cosmetically it has seen better days. No tax or MOT, so initial work was to get it roadworthy again which was only a quick once over and passed no problem.

Bike has been on and off the bench while I sort and improve parts. Forks have been rebuilt, brakes cleaned and new fluid. Exup was disconnected (for some reason) and was a bit stiff. Taking the outside casing off was a bit of work, but gave in eventually.

Al is usual, insufficient time to ride this one means that it will go in second half of 2008 as simply not getting used. Price for these as at today means I may well end up braking for parts. Shame as it's a good little runner with no real faults, just lack of time.

Pictures below show the bike partially stripped while I cleaned and rebuilt parts which needed. Picture at the bottom shows the bike completed and as it stands today.