MV Augusta Brutale Dragster 800 RR



Very different looking bike, small and compact with loads of electronics stuff (Traction Control, Quick Shifter, Variable ABS etc.) and 140Bhp on tap

The wheels are really trick and make the bike stand out

Only thing I felt needed to be changed was the exhaust, so got the QD system fitted, much better

Handles very well, as you'd expect from MV. The 200 section tyre take a bit of getting used to through the bends. May opt for a 190 when it needs new boots.



Had the bike a couple of years now and covered about 1800 miles. Only had the initial first service which went without any unexpected incidents and was reasonably priced at Krazy Horse in Bury St. Edmunds

Slight weakness on the fork side has meant I've had to replace one of the fork stations. The front guard doesn't offer suitable protection to the fork sliders and one managed to get a small nick from a stone that was thrown up. Fork seal could handle it with the inevitable leak following

Tried to smooth down the area and a new seal, but no joy - and new replacements are around £500 each !!!

Managed to get hold of a spare unit, rebuilt with new seal and it's no longer leaking

Still trying out different amounts and weight of oil as not happy with the units after filling with the recommended 7.5 and quantity advised










Fork Seal replacement 2017

Reasonably easy to take the forks off these, but it does require removing things like the damper and various clamps pn the bars etc. Also need to cut off the cable ties to take the speedo drive cable off with the LHS fork

Forks themselves come apart fairly easily