Norton Racing

In the late 1980s Norton returned to racing in the UK Superbike series thanks mainly to the efforts of Brian Crighton and the development of the Norton rotary engine. After so many years without a real non Japanese contender in road racing, suddenly there was something to shout about.

Like so many other race fans, the emergence of this bike and it's results against the big factories was really something to cheer about. A home designed, home built bike out of a small factory on a shoe-string budget compared to the big Japs was really a David versus Goliath story.

I had been an avid follower of road racing for many years and indeed still am. Seeing a bunch of people design something totally new and against all the then thinking regarding engine technology and then watch as straight out of the crate taken on and at time destroy the all Japanese competition, has to be one of the highlights of racing to me.

I can remember the blistering speed of these things down the straight blowing away any other make or model of bike. Snetterton's long straight was something to see. It was a huge disappointment when politics and differences of opinion inside the team meant the driving force behind the project left and they never really recovered from the loss.

In memory of these efforts and the great times I had attending meetings and watching then win races and championships, I've attached some pictures I took along the way.


The following were taken at the 89/90 season Day of Champions event at Brands Hatch :

This was painted on the side of the team truck


Following taken at start Finish line of 1990 Donnington Park round:


Robert Dunlop in 1989, Brands Hatch (I think) :



Others from 89 season on :

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