This is a great back laner with an engine and suspension setup for hours of fun on smaller back roads and even off road. When the weather get rough you actually look forward to taking this thing out for a blast.


Originally green, the paintwork was getting a bit tired and managed to pickup some better panel in blue, which are currently fitted

You'll find yourself looking for side roads to explore and spending hours just hacking around not really going anywhere. The suspension and torquey engine are great for this stuff and the riding is very comfortable as the suspension copes with ease in these conditions. You don't find yourself pinged out of the seat on the bumps as you would with most road bikes and potholes and cambers are now just fun to come across. Very confidence inspiring bike in these situations.

And in the original green


This bike has Quill exhaust fitted and rejetted with 150MJs, 27.5PJs, K&N filter and the airbox lid removed. This makes the bike run much better than it did and much crisper response

The forum dedicated to CCM bikes is linked below, I'd recommend a visit. When I first got the bike, I found these very handy for tips and tricks on setting the machine up and learning from other people's experiences.




This one is the R30 644 with a Suzuki engine fitted. It's a fairly basic bike, with little more than and engine stuck in a frame and some electrics. However, it does have a few quirks worth mentioning.

Firstly, petrol. The original tank on my 2002 model was very small. A little over 60 miles from a full tank and you're reaching for the reserve and you've probably only got 10-12 miles to get petrol or your out. After several trips to the garage, I noticed that the tank isn't taking it's full quota of petrol, so it appears that the right side of the tank gets full of gas, but wont feed the petrol tap on the left due to the design and only having a petrol tap on one side. You'd have to tip the bike to one side and some of that trapped fuel will fill the useable side of the tank.

The later models have twin petrol taps and don't suffer from this issue and was one of the reasons for me switching to the blue paintwork set as this was from the later years.

Also worth note that the bike does not come with a Trip meter, just to make life interesting.

The electrics are a little flaky at the back. Very minor issue but I've had problems with the connectors under the seat. One knocked out the rear light and another one of the rear indicators. Easy fix and not sure if this was just mine or a common issue.

Lastly is the rear light bracket. Another R30 owner brought this one to my attention, so it's a common issue. The bracket is so flimsy that the weight of the number plate will eventually end up cracking the bracket on both sides. I 'fixed' mine by inserting two metal supports. I have also seen aftermarket replacements.