Picked this up locally in early 2019 and have covered around 700 miles so far

Had the RD350LC back in the 80's so time for a trip down memory lane

Bike was in running condition with MOT and I rode it home the 15 miles or so from where I picked it up

It was in pretty good condition for being almost 40 years old but had the odd niggle I wanted to sort out


On the Bench

Initial things to sort was the bike wasn't running great when you asked for full beans

I also found out that the fuel leaked out of the carbs and into the engine if you left the bike on its side-stand and the petrol tap on, which I did ... Doh!

So, Carbs off and floats adjusted (that's all it was), cleaned out some built up crap, replaced all the internals brass bits and seals and all was sorted - also replaced the Rubbers and Reeds while I was there

Drained the engine Oil and replaced with fresh

That sorted the issue, the bike runs much better and doesn't flood. Still a bit weak in the midrange, so will adjust the needles a slot at some point to allow more fuel mid-range as it's probably modern fuel it's not liking

Tyres were old and unsure history so decided to replace these with new Avon Roadrider AM26s + new tubes and tapes which seem to suit the bike well


I also replaced otter bits and pieces as although they worked as-is, they could be better - these included

Replaced the Ignition, seat-catch and petrol cap with NOS set so that one key fitted all locks

Replaced top and bottom clock surrounds for NOS

Replaced Radiator grill for NOS

Rear footrests

Headlight rim & Glass

Various nuts an bolts

On the Road

For a 250 nearing 40 years old it is surprisingly quick and easily keeps up with modern traffic

The two stroke power band which kicks in around 6k puts a smile on your face, even though compared to modern bikes it's not really very quick


Bike is an import so the clocks are actually tracking in KPH but has MPH overlays so the readings are clear when riding along, I could replace the internals with MPH cogs but it's not something that bothers me and I have too many other jobs on projects bikes for this to be a priority

Fork's felt bit sloppy, so drained oil and filled with 10w.

Not had top end off so not sure of bore, but given mileage and lack of smoke when engine is hot then I would assume it's probably still on original setup.

Little smoky and bit thirsty on 2T at times but I'd rather too much 2T was in there than not enough






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Jan 2020