Yamaha RD250 LC


1981 Yamaha RD250LC



Got this is 2019. It's a 1981 Yamaha RD250LC. Low mileage and pretty good condition.

Had a small issue with engine flooding which required carb floats to be adjusted, also replaced all the internals in the carbs while they were off the bike. That sorted the issue, the bike runs much better and doesn't flood. Still a bit weak midrange, so will adjust at some point to allow more fuel in the problem area.

Tyres were old and didn't feel right, so replaced with new Avon Roadrider AM26s and new tubes.

Fork's felt bit sloppy, so drain oil and filled with 10w.

NOS parts : Replaced the Ignition, seat-catch and petrol cap so that one key fitted all locks. Also replaced top and bottom clock surrounds, radiator grill, rear footrests and headlight rim.

Indicators on one side not working, turned out to be solder joint inside switches had come away - easy but filddly fix.

Not had top end off so not sure of bore, but given mileage and lack of smoke when engine is hot then I would assume it's probably still on original setup.

Little smokey and bit thirsty on 2T at times so will look at the pump settings when I get a chance.
























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