The Mighty EXUP



I've had this bike 28 years now, purchased from John's of Romford in August 1990 having traded in my previous FZR1000 Genesis. Still feels like it's a modern sports bike.

The following pictures are the bike as at 2018.


This machine marked a major milestone in biking history. For its day, it was just about the best bike out there and even today can run with the modern stuff. I purchased it for my all round use which included some commuting to work, track days and sunny back lane days.


Took the EXUP for a Dyno run locally when the bike had done only 5000 miles. The smooth curves on the runs show how well the engine was set-up in standard trim.The only mod it had done was the restrictor taken out of the Carbs to make it Full power and a decent Micron Race Can fitted.




I fitted DBR Rearsets for a while, they offered good quality without a silly price tag. The only real drawback I found being the pegs are fixed which is not as useful as the types that flip up.




The bike has never been off the road, but doesn't get heavy use niwadays and still only covered around 10k.

The EXUP unit on these needs to be looked after or they will stick. I had a project EXUP a few years back and the unit had frozen so needed to be fixed. The steel bolts get totally stuck in the stainless exhaust and just about the only way to remove is to drill them all out and retap the threads, so several hours of work just to get into the unit. Once there it can be taken out re greased and refitted fairly easily. After fixing the project bike, I took a look at my bike and decided to re grease as a preventative measure. However, I found the retaining bolts needed the same laborious work and hole re tapped. One of those daft designs again.

Some pics of my EXUP.

Brands Hatch Track Days (some years ago now!)










21st Birthday cake.




Other EXUP 1000 Models from 1989 & 1990 (before the RU)


I became a convert to the 1 litre Yamahas in 1988 when I got one of the Genesis models. I'd had plenty of bikes before this, including an RG500, GSXR750 and heavily tuned Z650, but this bike was a massive leap forward on anything I'd ever ridden previously. I was hooked on the quality of the machine, it's handling, the performance and the compact size of the bike. For it's day it was tiny for a 1000cc machine.