There are plenty of places to walk or cycle in an around Maldon. If you get bored with just walking to the shops or the Promenade Park, then you could walk along the waterways all the way into Chelmsford (apx. 15 miles) if you wanted.

Maldon to Chelmsford walk. To start, you leave Maldon and walk down Market Hill, cross over the bridge at the bottom of the hill and turn left into a walkway then past the Post Office Depot and into Tesco car park. At the rear of the car park is another bridge. Do not go up onto the bridge, instead use the walkway to join the nearside riverbank and start to walk left. Then basically keep following the waterway past all the locks. This route can be walked for you can use a bicycle

Paper Mill Lock has cafe and toilet facilities and there are also scheduled river trips from there.

Below are some pictures taken on the route between Maldon and Paper Mill Lock (apx. half way point between Maldon and Chelmsford). These were taken in May 2009.