Fitting Boyer Electronic Ignition - The way I do it!

The Kit comes with the following. It's actually a kit for the Kawasaki KH250 and needs a bit of work to fit the GT380.


After checking the content of the package, the first set the bike on the timing mark for the Centre using the marker on the points side of the engine.

Next, remove the points plate and a points cam from the bike.

Then your going to have to get a backing plate to bolt the electronics section that replace the points plate setup. The kit doesn't come with this, so either strip the points and condensers off the one your replacing and use that or alternatively source a spare donor plate from somewhere.

As the Boyer kit was designed for the Kawasaki KH250 is smaller and needs to be attached to an existing backing plate in order to fit the casing. You will most likely have to widen the aperture window in the plastic timing unit to match with the window on the GT380's metal plate. Need to be careful not to cut through any of the electronics.What you will end up will look something like the picture below.

Attach the backing plate to the engine where the points were mounted previously and then attach the Rotor.

Do this with the Centre cylinder on the timing mark and set the Rotor so it aligns to the 3 magnets. (see below).


Attached the black box to the frame somewhere. I usually stick it just behind the coils and under the top part of the frame, but under a side panel is another option.


The instructions are to cut the main harness and splice in the wires. However, I'm nervous about cutting the harness therefore I cut the coil wires and use a connection block to give the same result.

Once all fitted, stick a strobe on the bike and fire it up to tweak the timing.