Purchased August 2001. Bike had been standing for some years, Bike was a non runner with a lot of work to be done. Electric's had been hacked some time in the past and needed full replacement. It had non standard exhausts and most of the chrome has had to either replated or replaced, wheels buckled etc..

Although cosmetically a mess, mechanically it was in OK shape and came with a pretty good history record, leading me to believe the underlying bike was actually quite good and had been regularly used before being parked up, as of often the case.

Final touches made August 2006 and sold shortly after to allow time for other projects.

Frame and black parts were recoated.

Wheels were rebuilt by Hagan, Forks rebuilt, tons of parts have been re-chromed, source NOS and re-chromed exhaust set(not cheap but very shinny), Engine cleaned with top end taken off blast cleaned and refitted. Fitted Electronic ignition.


Engine was cosmetically very rough. As well as the Points being rusted up, All attached electrics were shot. Engine did turn freely, compression was good and the oil inside didn't seem bad at all seeing as it had stood for some 15 years. Buckets of de greasers, wire brushes, drimmel and several mucky hours later and it's come up OK.

Before :

After :



Front Brake was seized and had to be totally stripped. Cleaned up pretty well with only the top hose needing to be replaced.


Paintwork was poor. Stripped and repainted black, but then came across a standard set in blue which was apparently the original co lour, so fitted that instead.


Bike's seat was torn and the base was in need of repair. Recovered with a quality cover in same style as original.

Wheels were warped from standing, rims and spokes were red rust. Got hold of a decent set of used wheels and had the Rims re-chromed by Bob Cooper. Wheels were then rebuilt by Hagans who also had the hubs polished. Fitted new tubes and tyres.