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Kettle Club UK Based
Kettle Clinic UK Based
Kettle Clinic Forum UK Based
Smoke Riders US Based
Suzuki Owners Club UK
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Dealers and General Parts
Crooks Suzuki Suzuki specialists
Classic Parts NL Sellers of NOS suzuki bits based in Holland
Wemoto General bits and pieces for bikes
Abba Stands, UK Stands and other useful garage stuff based in Essex
Chris Applebee Crank rebuilding and general engineering. Had cranks rebuilt for suzuki triples and I found his experience and work to be excellent.
Maldon Shotblasting and Powder Coating The only place I take my bike bits for blasting and coating, they are excellent.
Slipstream Tuning 2-stroke engine rebuilds, cylinder replating, crank & dyno testing in Kent -
Ignition Systems
Accent Not tried one myself yet, but been told they are good and may get a discount if a Kettle Club member. Last I looked they were E125 + E6.20 P&P. Discount code KCACCENT750+membership number. Contact Uwe Gottwald -
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