When I got this one it had no MOT and needed some work to pass. It had been used as a runabout so was, in the main, technically OK. However, it needed some bits & pieces replaced with original parts and also a lot of TLC to clean up etc. Most of the chrome work was pretty tired and needed sorting.


Forks were badly pitted. There was no way they could be repaired so needed to get new replacements (apx. £130).

Chrome was tired but not useless (will see if I can get most re-chromed for one of the other A models). Replaced front end chrome (including mud guard) with parts I had in the garage which had been destined for one of the other projects. Some of the parts I used had been re-chromed and others (like the rear end) were replaced with a new parts.

Forks dismantle pretty easy on the GT and all the internals appeared to be in good condition. Polished fork legs while I was there.

Most of the nuts & bolts were pretty bad. Replaced them with combination of Stainless Steel or Zinc plated original parts. The salvageable ones I took off were cleaned and individually polished.

Clocks were intact but the plastic faces were cracked I had to cut the old faces off (drimmel to the rescue) and have two 90mm diameter pieces of plastic cut to form new covers. End result not bad at all.

Stripped and rebuilt Indicators, replacing various smaller parts.

Sold the bike in 2008 to make some space.