1976 GT380 M

Just like my main GT380, this is a Model M in Gypsy Candy Red.

Purchased in 2001, I was only the 3rd owner. Pictures below are from the week before I sold it in 2012 having put it back on the road in 2011.


When I got the bike had been standing for a number of years and was sold as a non runner.

It was sporting a number of aftermarket bits and parts had been stripped off and in boxes.

I cleaned out the petrol tank and stripped / rebuilt the carbs and it fired into life without an fuss.


I stripped the bike down and over many years gradually rebuilt into a very nice GT.

Frame and all black-work was blasted and recoated at CTC in Maldon, numerous bits replaced with new, very good or rechromed or zinced bits.

Lots of time and money spent sourcing book parts as well as doing the work on the bike.

More post rebuild pictures.

I would have liked to have kept this one, but too many toys and other projects meant I had to let her go.


After the restore in 2011 I tried a set of alloys on it for a while.

Can't see here, but it's also got a Box section swing arm fitted with Hagon shocks.