Taking both Wheels off

When I need to take both wheels off and want the bike to be left well balanced without having to use jacks etc., this is what I do.

Place the bike on it's main centre stand. The bike automatically rests on the front wheel.

I take the exhausts off, which you need to do to get the rear wheel out anyway, and remove the rear wheel.

I then loosen the front wheel spindle and loosen the 4 nuts under the front fork bottom clamps. Loose enough to undue to remaining part with my fingers but still secure enough to not have the wheel drop out. I also take off the caliper and speedo cable.

I then push on the rear part of the frame and as it levers up using the main stand as a pivot, it gets to the point where it will happily rest firmly on the end of the swing arm with the front wheel in the air.

I then got hold the front wheel with one hand while removing the 4 clamp bolts and the clamps as well and pull the wheel out.

The bike stands steady and you can get the tyres changed or whatever you need to get done.