Aprilia Tuono 1000

I got this 2005 Tuono with under 6000 miles on the clock.

Added around 2000 more before I traded in for a Benelli.

Like a lot of Italian bikes it has a very noisy engine at idle.

Handled very well with massive powerband at 6k, bit like a 2-stroke from the 70's.

The dashboard is just way too complex really.

I copied part of the manual and kept it on the bike as it's pretty easy to accidentally change settings and not that easy to remember how to go back to what you had.

The console and alarm go into some kind of sleep mode after a few weeks of not being used and you have to remember the sequence to reset so as not to get the alarm going off.

I've also noticed that it can reset to Kph after this sleep mode and that's another couple of button combinations you have to remember.

The RPM warning lights can be set to whatever you like and again they all seem to get set back to factory defaults after some sleep modes. I guess if you use the bike at least once a week, then you'd not have this, but I don't always get the opportunity to use that regularly.

Engine has a noise all of it's own. Some of the rumblings are a little alarming at first until you speak to other owners and find this is completely the norm for these engines.

Engine is very quick, much stronger than the Suzuki TL1000s I owned a few years back. Engine likes to rev and although rideable at low rpm it doesn't really want to be there.

The standard seat height wasn't to my liking so I reworked using the dogs off an RSV Mille.

I needed to get another side stand and cut about 30mm off it to work with the modified bike height.



Original exhaust is huge, so that was swapped for a Blue Flame unit which is pretty light and sounded a lot better. The Blue Flame came with a removable baffle and when taken out is very loud indeed.

I got a rentec rack for the bike as I wanted to fit a box for trips to bike events and the like.

The Rentec is part Grab rail and part rack, with the grab rail part actually preventing you from fitting a box. Out cam the grinders and off came that part of the rack, so now will fit a Top Box Baseplate without issues.

Aprilia Yorkshire
LCD Dash Functions