Cagiva V-Raptor


Picked this up in May 2021. It's a V-Raptor but with the front fairing and tail taken off. I have all the bits to put back on and will do at some point.

Seems to be a decent base but will require some bits sorting and general TLC.

Bike hosts the Suzuki TL1000 996 V-Twin Engine which should be fun! .


Did a once over check of the bike, removed the rack and sorted the odd job here and there.

Only done around 100 miles so far but first impressions are good.

Very light and nimble machine with a very low seat height and a lot of torque which pulls from very low revs. Handles pretty well but will need new tyres. Front forks bit harsh on the bumps so will need to investigate that in coming weeks.





Jul 2021