1200cc V4 engine running around 160bhp

Dymag 17" Wheels & Ohlins suspension fitted. Both the Ohlins and the Dymags had seen better days and needed refresh.

Exactrep twin headlights and polished alloy nosecone fitted as what was on there when I got it were a bit bashed about. The bike came with a Corbin seat which I traded for a newly recovered and modified standard looking item.

PDQ did a great job on refreshing the Dymags, They were stripped, checked and rebuilt with new bearings and seals. Coated satin black and fitted a new pair of boots while they were there. Also had new wavy discs fitted all round.

Didn't get on with the flat bars so opted fro a set of adjustable Jota style bars. Fitted alternate throttle and grips etc..

Got a single tailpod from Exactrep. Fitted and running, but still in primer until I've made all the required mods. Also had the Ohlins rebuilt and springs repainted.

Still a fair few things to do, but getting there!