Z650C3 Project Bike #2


I had been looking for Kawasaki Z650 locally for a time and then as Murphy's law dictates, two come along at the same time. In these situations there's only one thing to do - get both.

Bike as purchased per the top left photo and on the face of it (in the picture anyway) it looks pretty good. Close ups later on this page of the bike before the makeover started, show that although the underlying bike was pretty good, most of the gear needed cleaning, repainting or replacement. Basically looked like a genuine used Z650.

After I had got the engine running, I immediately stripped the bike down to have the frame and main components recoated. After replacing and repairing various bits and stripping the top eng of the engine, I rebuilt. The picture on the top right shows the bike as at today.

Due to other commitments, the bike has not progressed much but I hope to get some time later in 2008 to finish and have at least now got the bike back on the bench. Very happy with work done so far, which in the main was stripping, repainting and replacing missing or worn out parts. The good thing about this bike is that it is in generally standard mechanical condition.



Status :

  • Bike has been completely stripped down. Frame and all black parts have been stripped and repainted by CTC in Maldon (highly recommended)
  • Engine block has been cleaned and repainted with Sperex VHT. Top end went to CTC and was blast cleaned before I repainted block using VHT. Engine has been re-fitted to frame with polished/chrome mounts. Barrels are back on but not set-up as yet.
  • Wheels have been cleaned and polished. Spindles and spacers polished and wheels refitted.
  • Brakes have been stripped, repainted and refitted. Hoses were in good shape so just needed a good clean and polish. New brake fluid and stainless bleed nipples fitted. All discs removed and cleaned up before refitting.
  • Forks stripped down. New seals and oil. Forks painted with aluminum paint.
  • Correct headlight brackets and chrome surrounds purchased and fitted. New headlight rim also fitted due to damage to one fitted.

Pictures before strip


   Engine :  

Barrels, camcover & head had been painted previously and needed to be blasted to get rid of old crap build up. CTC in Maldon did an excellent job. Unit's then painted with Sperex VHT as with the engine block. Values removed and cleaned. New stem seals fitted.





Brakes all worked fine, but were in need of refurbishment. Items were taken apart, parts replaced where needed, polished, repainted and rebuilt with new fluid.






Electrics look in good shape, certainly better than some I've seen. This engine is from a later model Z650 (haven't worked out which one yet). It is fitted with electronic ignition system. Have not refitted as yet as still working on the heavy parts and don't want wires getting in the way.




When I get time, it's just the final finishing and adjustments to do and then out onto the road. Need to get new battery, clearout the carbs and sort timing etc.