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Latest edition to the garage....

I Liked the semi-retro look of these and was lucky enough to pick this one up new in 2020.

Only just covered little over 300 miles in the weeks I've had it, so not even had it's first service, and still getting used to how it sits and rides etc.

Running in to 4K RPM doesn't allow an understanding of what it will be like when full chatter is allowed, but already I think I need to make a few tweaks around the seat and handlebars. feels like the seat is too high for where the handlebars are, or alternatively the bars are too low (whichever way you want to look at it). Also feels like a bit of a stretch as the bars are angled forward, which may be uncomfortable if doing 150-200 miles is one session.



I like the unfussy nature of the clocks, which are old school clocks and not a dash. They are nice easy to read for the Speedo and Tacho, unlike some of the digital units I've seen about know. The centre console is digital and incredibly easy to read in any light conditions. The switch to change what's viewing and to reset Trip etc. is refreshingly easy to use without having to read the manual time and time again.

It's not going to be the quickest, with around 111 BHP, but that out and out speed is not what I'm looking for in this bike.








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Aug 2020